Wearing Wedding Rings – The Case For and Against

For most people, married or not, a wedding ring is an important as well as a beautiful symbol of a commitment for life that a couple has made to each other. There are also some to whom they seem to be completely unnecessary and even uncomfortable. The tradition has been debated hotly in many circles, including pop culture, where different positions have been taken by people belonging to different strata of the society; commoners, celebrities as well as royalty. As may be expected, some love it; some detest it while still others prefer alternatives that are more creative. So before you decide to slip on or off your wedding ring, take a quick look at the significance that lies behind the custom.


The wedding ring’s circular and continuous design is thought to be parallel to the enduring nature of commitment and love. It was worn traditionally on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was believed by the ancient Romans that the finger contained a vein that was connected directly to the heart. Thus, putting on a ring on this finger is a symbol that your spouse has direct access to your heart that is the repository of all affections. Apart from this, the cost of the ring, usually made from valuable materials, is a strong reminder of the relationship’s value and that you should prize your spouse.

While throughout history, rings have been given and taken as representations of love, fidelity, and honor, however, the custom of men’s wedding bands isn’t a particularly ancient tradition, contrary to what you may be tempted to think because of its current popularity. Men took to wearing wedding rings in America as recently as the Second World War, though the custom amongst women dates back somewhat more, though diamond engagement rings came into vogue only by the 1930s.

Practical Trials

Despite the huge sentimental association that wedding rings have, there are plenty of practical reasons why your spouse may not really want to wear a ring. If you are engaged in a vocation where you need to work constantly with your hands, for example, the practice of medicine, fitness and health, manual labor, sports, etc. it may be quite impractical to wear a ring or to keep taking it off and on all the time. You could be even someone who is allergic to wearing metal rings or simply dislike weighing your hand down with an ornament. A common argument against wearing rings is that if someone really wants to display a token of love and commitment, there are plenty of other ways such as a pendant, bracelet or even a tattoo.

There are some who reject wearing wedding bands simply on the grounds that they feel wearing one is tantamount to being under the dominance or control of another person, and that is something that is simply not acceptable, even if that person is the spouse. Still others do not want to announce their marital status to the rest of the world; this may be because they do not want to conform to societal expectations of relationships or even just for the heck of it. Whatever be the cause due to which, someone doesn’t want to wear a wedding ring, it is important that the souse understands and appreciates the reasons, or else it could give rise to marital disharmony.

Practical Benefits

The benefit of wearing a wedding ring is that it is a token of love and commitment that is the basis of a strong marriage. It also serves to communicate to the world that you are committed to someone, and not available for a relationship. Wearing a wedding ring is not a safeguard against being attracted to someone else other than your spouse; however, it does serve as a constant reminder of your proclaimed love and commitment.


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