What Business Should Know About Drug Screening Services

Opting for drug screening is a choice that employers make for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is because the law requires it. In others, it might be to keep the workplace safe and healthy for all individuals. Regardless of the reasons, there are some things to consider before moving forward. You want to make sure that your business remains prepared and that you know how to handle such a situation.

Choosing Employees

You can use a drug testing service for any employee. Whether a new hire or permanent, it is possible to test their possible drug usage without any concerns. The issues occur when there is the thought that you are singling out certain employees based on race, gender, age, religion, or income. If there is the thought that you have chosen specific employees because of certain aspects of them, you could have an anti-discrimination lawsuit. It also leads to anger amongst the workforce.

Legally Required

There are several times when it is legally required that you use drug screening services for your employees. When you receive $100,000 or more from government contracts, when you receive federal grants, and when the law requires it are all situations where you need to have drug tests performed. If you choose to forego the drug tests, you will have difficulties receiving your money from the government or you will have trouble with the law.

Know the Laws

As stated above, there are times when the law requires that businesses test their employees for drug usage. These laws, however, differ from state to state. To ensure that you follow through with the testing in a way that complies with all local laws, do your research. Know your state’s laws concerning drug testing before moving forward with it. Doing this avoids legal issues related to drug testing while also avoiding as many feelings of privacy invasion on the part of your employees.

Remain Fair

Fairness is an important part of drug testing. Before making use of a drug testing service at all, you want to make sure that you fully inform your employees or potential employees of it. Speak to them about it, address concerns, and keep an open door policy in place for it so that there is transparency. You also have to make sure that you offer the job before asking for the sample. It is legally required that businesses with 15 or more people hired offer the position to the employee before they request a drug test.

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