What to Ask a Man About Relationships?

People usually don’t go into too much depth with what relationships are all about. I see this everywhere. It’s like a common tendency to assume that relationships are something mysterious, something that we should not talk about.

We unconsciously assume that a great relationship should fall perfectly into place. But it’s not like that and we need to ask ourselves questions about how we perceive relationships and how we want our relationships to be.

As a woman, you need to find a man that asks himself relationship questions. If you are in a long distance relationship for example, you might want to learn more about how to make long distance relationship work and that might take time and dedication. You will learn a lot by asking a man relationship questions.

Following are presented 20 good questions to ask a guy which will probably yield you those responses that you have been looking for.

  1. What are relationships for?
  2. Have you had many relationships so far?
  3. Is it important to have a long term relationship?
  4. Are you often attracted to many women at one time?
  5. Can you get over an affair that your girlfriend/wife had and go on with your relationship?
  6. How would you define compatibility?
  7. How often do you lose your temper?
  8. Can you easily accept other people’s point of views?
  9. Do you like independent women?
  10. Do you want a woman that puts you above her?
  11. What fun activities do you usually do with your girlfriends?
  12. What are your gifts to your woman?
  13. Why are women important to you?
  14. How would you spend a normal day a couple?
  15. What was the reason your last three relationships ended?
  16. Do you have a high sex drive?
  17. What pisses you off the most about girls ?
  18. Why do most marriages fail?
  19. Is marriage important to you?
  20. Do you want to have children in the future?

I offered you 20 important questions to ask a guy. As you can see, they are not your typical questions. They aren’t something which you can answer with “yes or no”. You have to give them a thought. In this way you will be able to test your man and see if you two are compatible.

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