What You Can Do To Sell Your Timeshare Now

Many people are looking to sell their timeshare these days. However with an over populated market and few people looking to buy, you may have to use different tactics to sell your timeshare, and in this article I’m going to show just what to do to make that happen.

The Buy Back Option

First off, if your looking to sell a timeshare fast you might want to consider the buy back option. This is an option were you contact your resort and ask them if they would be willing to buy your timeshare back.

However before you consider this option their is one thing you should know. When it comes to your timeshare you will typically get very little in the way of a return back. In most cases you’ll only get around 10 cents on the dollar if your lucky, and some cases you’ll get nothing.

Try Other Markets

The next thing you can do if you can’t do the buy back option or you don’t like the idea of getting nothing back for it at all you may want to consider other markets such as eBay and Craigslist.

The great thing about these sites are that they have millions of people looking to buy stuff each and everyday. In fact eBay has an entire guide that will show you exactly how to sell your timeshare with them. You should also keep in mind that you will more than likely not get what you bought your timeshare for but it may yield more than the buy back option.

Build A Website

The last option is to build a website and market your timeshare on the Internet. By building a website and getting it ranked in the search engines you stand a much better chance of finding solid prospects to buy your timeshare.

For example, if you timeshare website would rank in the top 5 for, “buy a timeshare,” you would likely find a few prospects who might just be interested in contacting you and buying your timeshare.

One Last Thought…

As a final thought one place you should never consider as a place to sell your timeshare is with timeshare resale companies. These companies will charge high fees only to list you on their website. Instead of going with these timeshare resale scams consider building your own site or going with one of the other options, and you will be more than likely to sell it.

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