Where to get Hot Yoga Clothing

For those who have ever attended a hot yoga class of any kind you likely recognize the severe practice in the art of surrender.  Focusing on the breath and the body in some pretty intense discomfort is a wonderful practice for the mind and soul.  Inevitably however, there are moments where you want to rip off every shred of clothing covering your sweaty body.

This is a common emotion when you are in a heated room of 105 degrees!  This is why it is so essential to have great clothing for hot yoga classes.  If your clothes feel good it takes one less distraction off your mind as you concentrate on your purpose for being there to begin with.

Hot and Bikram yoga clothes need to be highly absorbent.  After all, you are practicing for up to 90 consecutive minutes and a lot of sweat can be produced over that time period.  The clothing, in addition to absorbing sweat also need to simultaneously keep you cool, which almost appears as a contradiction, but is necessary.  The fabric and design needs to be flexible enough to support all poses and the breathing exercises as well.  Another requirement is also that you look great of course!

With all of these requirements of hot yoga clothes it is obviously a tall order but not one that can’t be met.  For those who dislike their current outfit, need a new one for any reason or if you are just getting started in hot yoga here are a list of great producers that all produce lines of yoga clothing that work really well to fulfill all the above needs.

Light Active Wear was designed by two women frustrated with not finding clothing that was ideal for their hot yoga practice.  Lululemon has a reputation that reaches very far and for good reason since they produce some of the best yoga options out there for all styles of yoga.  Prana yoga produces clothing that is not only great for yoga of all kinds, it is also all produced with the earth in mind.  Shakti Yoga wear makes some of the sexiest options on the market. Lotus wear has yoga clothing that is very beautiful but not specific to hot yoga.  Tonic also produces yoga clothing amongst other active wear pieces.

Within all these options there most certainly be an option that is perfect for your body type and preferences.  Happy shopping!

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