How Will Pokémon Go Affect The Future Of App Development? – Facts You Never Knew

The use of Augmented Reality in Pokémon Go has changed the way we see technology, especially how we will interact with technology in the near future. Within weeks the game has fundamentally changed the future of app development.

Developers and app development companies are already working over the dynamics of Pokémon Go to develop something as amazing as this game. The magic of Pokémon Go has worked very well; millions of people are already enjoying the AR feature.

So, where exactly will Pokémon Go take gaming app development in future? Today we will talk about this very concern and discuss the five ways, which can make this happen for the developers as well as other app development companies.

Pokémon Go

#1- Augmented Reality feature will be mimicked by other Apps

AR relies on GPS technology. This feature makes it possible for players to see the real world while playing with their cartoon characters. In simple words, AR is a feature that enables you to play game in the real world.

This game became popular because it allows the interaction of digital world with real world and this is what it has shown the app development to follow in future. Gaming apps in future will take advantage of AR and stated by VeztekUSA, mobile app Development Company, games will use Virtual Reality as well.

#2- Gamification

New experiences will be created for players by apps using gamification. This process uses the routine life activity as a gaming feature, in Pokemon Go, walking has been used as game. By walking around you can visit landmarks and you can travel from one point to another. This seamless integration of digital and physical realities will be used by apps in future.

#3- Unlimited Potential

Most of the games have a specified potential, a limit after which there is nothing much to do. Pokemon Go offers unlimited potential. Future apps will also use unlimited potential and will be customizable.

#3- Learning Process

Pokemon Go is a game that encourages learning. It is uses a mixed type of platform, neither easy nor complex, engages users and helps them anticipate in learning. The future of apps will be focused more on learning experience, letting the users pick up the app with ease but also reward in return.

#4- Microtransaction Usages

Pokemon Go is follow the same trend as many other apps in past, using microtransactions. Yet, the first priority is to create something that players will-next is simple, they will spend easily. Developers creating apps in future will use the same microtransactions, but not making it a top priority. A game which is awesome does not bother users spending a dollar or two along the way.

#5- Team Bonding Process

Pokemon Go allows you to become the part of a team while encouraging the bonding strategy. Although, the social element is very small but it does boosts up the playing spirit. The future apps will also be based on social interactions-this lures users and a game with a chat feature can further enhance the tactic.


Even though #PokemonGo has not been around for a longer time, even then it has changed the way people interact with the environment. This app is going to trail along thousands of apps based on similar features along with other enhancements. Developing complex and heavy budget apps like Pokemon Go will not be easy, however with an idea as great as this app, it has been shown that it is possible.

If you are aiming to try the same, go ahead, it’s a win-win situation. Good luck for creating a complex, yet enjoyable app.

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