5 Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce

Filing for divorce doesn’t only mean submitting a complaint to the court. There is more to do when you want to file for divorce. The following tips ensure that you get the better result in your divorce case.

1. Think again before you file for divorce

You shouldn’t make this decision when you are feeling too emotional. Divorce should be your last option when you have exhausted every hope. Many people change their mind upon submitting divorce papers. But it could be too late, as their spouses don’t want to go back then. As you probably know, the court can approve a divorce as per request of one spouse. Think again and give another chance to your marriage before filing for divorce.

2. Interview several family attorneys

You should interview a few family attorneys rather than only one. Avoid attorneys who offer you a solution before getting familiar with your case. The attorney you picked needs to understand your litigation goals and fit your style. That lawyer has to listen to facts and specific problems of your case.

There is a wide range of attorneys to choose from. They come at different experience levels and price points. Your attorney must be qualified and able to cope with your divorce case. Many people dream of getting married in Hawaii. Unfortunately, others get divorced over there. If you need a good attorney in this beautiful state, make sure to interview Hawaii Family Lawyer.

3. Gather all the necessary financial documents

Make sure to gather financial documentation relevant to your divorce ahead of time. It includes mortgages, phone records, account records, and notes of your car(s). Make copies of those paper records your spouse and you share in the home. It is also a good idea to get records of online accounts you share with your spouse. Keep in mind that many spouses don’t react well with divorce papers. It could be difficult to access some financial documents after filing them. That’s why you should obtain documents in advance and avoid potential problems.

4. Set your goals for custody

The custody of children is one of the biggest concerns when you get a divorce. It would be smart to take the time and review your children’s and your work schedule. Consider other obligations as well and come up with a schedule that would work best for you and your spouse. The arrangement on custody of the children has to suit both sides. Otherwise, the children may suffer.

5. Make necessary sale and buying

Once a divorce case kicks off, the judge is likely to prohibit your spouse or you from buying and/or selling. That refers to everything that may encumber the marital property. This way the court prevents spouses from “draining” the bank accounts. You need to talk to your family attorney about credit cards and joint bank accounts. Some people are prone to dissipate their marital estate and they do it out of spite. So, be sure to complete your legitimate purchases and/or sales before you file for divorce.

It is also a good idea to compose a marital balance sheet. It may include retirement and bank accounts, cars, property, and other assets. Also, put credit cards, mortgages, notes, and other debts on that list. This way you will be able to take closer look at your assets and debts.

Divorce yields an emotional toll that takes on all the family members. This is especially a tough time for the spouses. You can make it easier by developing a support network around you. Surround yourself with your loved ones and friends. Speak with people who have already experienced divorce. They can help you overcome this difficult time. The moral support will help you stay emotionally stable as your case progresses.

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