An Introduction to PCB Assembly

When you solder electronic components to printed circuit board or a PCB, it is called PCB Assembly or Printed Circuit Board Assembly. A circuit board which hasn’t yet been assembled using the electronic components are called Printed Circuit board or PCB and they may be technically known as Printed Circuit Assembly or Printed Circuit Board Assembly, after the boards have soldered parts to them.

PCBs are actually used in virtually all manufactured goods including, cellular telephones, cars, personal computers, and others.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly – Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB manufacture goes under several stages of multi-layer following a PCB evaluation is performed and processing, which will be a significant one. They’re cheap and so are additionally useful for the high-volume production.

There are two types of construction used in PCB assembly. One is through-hole construction and the other one is surface-mount construction.. Through-hole construction involves the leads of components soldered to pads on the opposite side and being pushed through holes in the PCB.

PCBs are manufactured from different materials. The layers are made from thin copper foil. And the board is coated solder mask. This is normally green color. There are also few boards in reddish or blue color.

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