Lock Recommendations for DIY Home Protection

In this article I would like to look at some high quality locks that I can recommend for home use. It is very important to keep your home, the people in it, and your valuables safe.

New and improved locking systems are constantly becoming available, and here we are going to look at some of the different types that are excellent for residential security. Additional recommendations you can find on this site www.247locksmithservices.com


For windows, I would recommend: an ABUS combination window lock. ABUS combination window locks provide extra security by using multiple locks that can be programmed together. They provide the utmost in residential window security as: they require a number code to open, they can resist force in excess of a tonne, and the bolt in the lock prevents the window from being forced open. For a high quality, highly effective window lock, I’d say that one can’t go wrong with the ABUS combination lock.

Window Anti-lift Devices

For ultimate window safety, I would also recommend that you purchase an anti-lift device. These are excellent security devices that prevent the windows from being lifted from the outside. I would also recommend a Chubb 8k122 Anti-lift device as it is an extremely high quality, long lasting device and a good investment.


You better use a heavy deadbolt lock for your doors. This type of lock is extremely strong, durable, long lasting and hard to break. Deadbolts offer maximum security and are the perfect residential locks for your doors at home. One of the best brands of deadbolt locks are Medeco deadbolt locks—they are renowned for their high quality, long lasting locks and strength of security. Excellent locks for your doors at home can be purchased from at a local hardware store or online.

Moreover, there is an advice that I would like to give you all, in general – if you need a brand new lock urgently and don’t have time for a thorough market research, find a reputable locksmith company in your area instead and let them do the job for you. Otherwise, if you prefer to go full DIY – better make the extra effort and make a deep market research, before you buy and install a new lock at your house!

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