Popcorn Time – Streaming TV Shows and Movies

When thinking about streaming TV shows and movies our thoughts direct us towards Netflix, as it is one of the most reliable options for watching movies and TV shows at our will. However, two years ago a competitor had risen and Netflix was no longer the only provider offering these services. This service provider was fairly easy to use, was free of cost and would steal all content that it had to stream. This service which was also known as Netflix for Pirates was called Popcorn Time.

User-friendly apps

http://popcorn-time-app.com “Popcorn Time” was an application that could be installed on several platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. In appearance it resembled an iTunes library, but unlike said library it contained numerous movies, some which had not even officially released for viewers. All one had to do was choose the movie he/she wanted to watch and simply click on play.

The process behind the scene is not that simple as it also contains some illegal activities. In order to obtain these were the Popcorn Time establishes contact with individuals who are willing to share TV shows and movies through Torrents. The movie is downloaded by the app, while its gets streamed for you. It also shares the movies with other individuals. Thus, by clicking on play, you are initiating the process of downloading pirated content and sharing it with others. However, quitting Popcorn Time is not easy since it is easy to use and also looks like a remarkable option.

Connection to torrents

Torrents are fairly popular and have been around for quite some time and they have always been connected to piracy. It is not easy to start off with Torrents and other apps associated with it are unable to grow. Popcorn Time is a fairly clear-cut app since it hides what goes on behind the scenes effectively with an easy to use, stylish front. Not only does it make it more practical, it also lets this app appear legitimate. Individuals who are usually put off by torrent sites do not hesitate to use Popcorn Time. This is one of the major reasons why it has gained popularity and copyright holder are unhappy with it.

This app has been developed several times by several groups of developers, thus removing or shutting it down has been fairly difficult previously, since another one pops up when one is shut down. The current Popcorn Time where u can download Popcorn Time safely is http://popcorn-time-app.com Good luck and enjoy your movies!

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