The Magic of Motorized Window Treatment

Gone are the days when you had to reach out to the windows to adjust the window dressing. You may still have to walk up to the window for opening or closing it but when it comes to its window treatments, you can enjoy the comfort and ease of operating it from your place. Technology has made it possible to operate some window treatments from a distance by just pressing a button of the remote control in your hand. Motorized roller shades, solar screens or blinds have enhanced the comfort and ease of handling window treatments. The benefit of motorization of NYC window treatment is that it has enhanced the looks of window treatments greatly as dangling cords and jutting out wands are no more required to operate it. As a result, motorized window treatments have become more safe that the conventional ones.

Motorized windows are costly and have to be used in places where it is difficult to access the windows. However, depending on affordability, it can be used in all windows without any discrimination. However, the best places for its application are skylights and tall windows.


Every time you had thought of a window treatment for skylights at your home, you must have been perplexed at the thought of operating it. Skylights are excellent doorways for natural light entry into homes as these are cut out into ceilings facing towards the sky. Whether you select window shades or blinds to cover these sky viewing portals, for ease of operation choose the motorized version. This is a must for window treatments of skylights.

Tall windows

Managing window treatments manually for tall windows like picture windows can be quite challenging. There is no need to rethink about your choice of blinds for covering these windows as motorized blinds can take care of all operational needs by just pressing a button of the remote control. If you had wondered about the best ways of raising or lowering blinds to and from some unreachable height then motorized blinds is the only answer. Forget about those days when ladders and pole sticks used to be indispensable accessories for operating any tall windows to control light and privacy.

Clean looks

Window treatments have become more sleek and smart in its looks by using motorized versions. The no frills appearance is accentuated by removal of cords and chains that were necessary earlier for operating it. Now, a small electric motor controls all actions that you want to perform with the window treatment and allows more precise control of light and privacy. The looks are clean and more updated, keeping you tuned with the latest trends in designs of NYC window treatment.

Enhanced safety

Cords and chains have been safety concerns for blinds and other window treatments that use it for operations. With the introduction of motorized NYC window treatment, safety issues have been addressed completely as cords and chains have been replaced by an electric motor that controls all operations.

This window treatment is the last word in design, safety and ease of operation.

by Kingman

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