What Really Causes People to Become Obese?

When people store too much fat on their body, they are classed as obese. Obesity is a serious health risk and can lead to various life-limiting and, sometimes, lethal health conditions. It is no surprise, therefore, that Manhattan weight loss surgery is now so popular. It is, for many, a life-saving procedure. Despite the fact that people know obesity is bad for their health and many public programs being in place to combat it, the number of people who are obese continues to grow.

Luckily, many organizations around the world are trying to put things into place to ensure people learn even more about the dangers of obesity. While effective, they don’t seem to be effective enough. Thankfully, these organizations are now throwing in the gauntlet yet, and they are looking at even more ways to ensure people truly understand that being obese is not a good thing.

One way they are achieving this is by educating the public on the causes of obesity. Let’s take a look, therefore, on the most common reasons behind this condition.

Bad Diets

It will come as no surprise that bad diets are the leading cause of obesity. This is a hard one, however. In order to live, you need food and since we no longer grow our own food, you must purchase this from grocery stores or specialty stores. Because we consume too much, it is now almost impossible to buy truly healthy food, as organic food is incredibly expensive. Instead, we eat processed foods that are full of sugars, salts, fats and chemicals. They are particularly attractive to us because they tend to be quick to cook as well. Not just that, it is believed food manufacturers are making their products somewhat addictive, so that we are basically setting ourselves up to fail.

Insufficient Exercise

Not exercising enough is also a big cause of obesity. Again, this is very difficult to solve. We work long hours and get insufficient sleep as it is. The children have to go to various clubs and time has to be kept free for socializing as well. As a result, we simply don’t have time to go to the gym and exercise. Added to that, gyms are quite expensive, and we do have to watch the money we spend. Yet, a sedentary lifestyle is an absolute killer. Most people struggle to walk 10,000 steps per day, the bare minimum for people to stay healthy. We must make an effort, clearly, to become more active.

Other Factors

There are a few other factors that can lead to obesity, although overeating and insufficient activity are the main ones. There is some evidence to suggest that genes do have a role to play, albeit a small one. Women, meanwhile, are more likely to become obese due to hormonal imbalances as well. Emotional problems can also be a huge contributing factor, particularly because we have learned to ‘treat’ ourselves with food. Put together, this all leads to obesity.

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