7 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Whether nylon, polyester or wool, carpets always give a pleasant impression. May they cover a small portion or the whole flooring, your home can instantly look luxurious and feel cozy all thanks to the magic carpet.

How do professionals keep their carpets clean and maintain its quality? The quickest answer is they clean them regularly. However, “regularly” is not enough if your carpet-cleaning solution is not right. To perk up your carpet in the most effective way, here are secret tips from the experts that are very easy to try.

  1. Choose the right vacuum.

“Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum your carpet!” – Yes, it is true but it will only be beneficial if you have the right vacuum. There are different types of vacuums that have their own purpose. Some may be suitable for carpets made of nylon, while others may only be recommended for wool. Your carpet may even get damaged more as you continue using the wrong vacuum. So before you make dusting a routine, make sure that you have the right device for your type of carpet.

  1. Befriend Mr. V.

As you find the perfect vacuum for your carpet, make it your best buddy because having a carpet means that you shall go hand-in-hand with your vacuum every day or at least several times a week. Just as you wash your clothes regularly, carpets need similar attention as dust and other forms of pollution or dirt stay around everywhere. Even when it is only placed on the ground with no one stepping on it often, to remove dust frequently is an absolute must. This will not only clean your carpet but also prevent insects and bugs from creating their own home between the fibers.

  1. Treat stains as an emergency.

When you know that you have spilled on the carpet, treat it immediately as it happened. Don’t wait and chill because you will only get a harder time to remove it. If the stain holds stronger and longer on the carpet, you may not even be able to remove it completely.

  1. Create your own cleaning solution.

Cleaning detergents found in supermarkets or those commercialized may really be effective and proven. If your carpet is only residing at your home, expensive or tough solutions are not necessary. Creating your own cleaning solution is very easy; it may not even really be “creating” your own but actually using simple ingredients you may already have. Some of the best home solutions include liquid detergents, club soda for wine stains, vinegar, and shaving cream that may be applied to any stain.

  1. Use organic products.

Other than home products, organic and non-toxic ones are also great solutions for cleaning and removing stains since it can offer more benefits especially to the environment. Aside from the cleanliness it can bring to your carpet, you may also eliminate taking harmful chemicals from breathing or feeling them. In this healthier way, you may enjoy your carpets more with the eco-friendly products.

  1. Be gentle.

This secret is usually ignored especially when you have great determination in washing your carpet. You may tend to put more strength in cleaning or brushing stains. To attain utmost cleanliness while maintaining its quality, a gentle scrub would only be needed. Blotting stains with a clean towel and warm water is also better than rubbing them hard because it may ruin the texture and fiber of your carpet.

This goes the same in vacuuming. Don’t go too fast and be patient in stroking the vacuum on the carpet for it to completely suck up the dirt and dust from the deep.

  1. Steam-clean at least once a year.

Steam carpet cleaning at least once a year is a must if you want to learn and do the ways of a pro like those in Adelaide. Vacuuming and rubbing stains are only for an immediate remedy to prevent dirt from accumulating. To totally regain the freshness of your carpet like a new one, clean it by hot water extraction combined with a good solution to be applied. This will allow all sorts of dirt to be removed such as debris and grease that you won’t want to keep through the years.

Carpet cleaning is surely easy but requires dedication and a little study to regularly maintain its state. With the help of these secrets from experts, you may now never go wrong in cleaning and maintaining your carpet..

by Kingman

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