Maintain The Privacy and Elegance of Your House With Blinds

Using blinds for your windows serves the dual purpose of giving you privacy and adding to the glamour and elegance of your room. It is because of this that the blinds are not only used at homes but in offices, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and many other places too.

Often using curtains on the windows restricts the amount of natural lighting you would want streaming into your house. Heavy curtains stop the light from completely entering while curtains made of net or lace allow more than needed light to enter. This is where the using of window blinds comes handy.

There are several types of blinds that you can choose from both in material and sort. Depending on the material, blinds, range from wood, Faux wood, aluminum, vinyl, cloth to synthetic wood or even bamboo. The large choice of colors and textures of blinds helps you choose according to your tastes and necessities.

The aluminium blinds are generally installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Being made of the said material, you should restrict yourself on imagining the range of colors it is available in. they are extremely easy to maintain and considerably cheap as far as the price is concerned.

Wooden blinds though may sound to be heavy because of the material used, yet contrarily they are mostly made of light weight wood and bamboo too. These blinds are however quite restricted in their color availability.

As regards the sort of blind you could first of all choose from the two broad categories of horizontal and vertical blinds, which as the name suggests have slats or panels of the blinds either placed horizontally or vertically at regular intervals. Other than that, there are also available:

  • Venetian blinds – these horizontal blinds can be operated either manually or with a remote control. A variant of this sort is the mini venetian blinds, in which the spacing between the slats is very less.
  • Woven wood blinds – an extremely unique type of blinds made of woven wood, weed or grass fibers. A similar sort of blind system was used in the ancient Egyptian society by the Pharaohs. They are not only economical but eco-friendly as well and have a great capacity in controlling the natural light.
  • Roman blinds– which are basically made of fabric and offer a soft feel to your room. These blinds are usually rolled up into a stack. Ideal for living areas, this kind of blind has two variants. One of it blocks out the sun’s rays completely as is therefore called Blockout Sunscreen blinds and the other one partially blocks the sun’s rays, hence known as Sunscreen Blinds.
  • Roller blinds– these again are operated using two methods: sidewinder action roller and spring action roller. Apart from the variety of colors that it provides, it also is available in a waterproof format.

No matter what type of blinds you use, the ultimate effect it has on your indoor setting is the enhancement of beauty or in other words, it has a glamorizing effect on your indoors in addition to its practical usefulness.

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