A Break at Tadoba Tiger Resort and Other Tips on Surviving Tropical Business Trips

If you are one of those who have to travel out on business trips continually, we know how difficult it is to keep your health and sanity in order.The trouble increases exponentially if you have to travel to the tropics or to countries that have a distinctly warmer climate. Not only does the sun burn you but you also tend to sweat a lot. The modes of transport and the food too can be quite different from what you are used to. All these factors can make it quite tough for you to adapt.Some useful tips on how to stay comfortable, healthy, and calm when out for business in the tropics:

Getting Sleep in a New Environment

Even if are one of those who are lucky enough to fall asleep at will, you may find getting some shut-eye in the tropics quite problematic.Not only are you likely to be jet lagged but there will normally be a whole new set of night-time noises, such as barking dogs and crowing roosters. Adding to your misery will be the dawn very early in the morning that will bring a large population to life. So if you are not in a five-star accommodation, it is best that you equip yourself with a blindfold as well as ear plugs. Listening to music with noise cancellation headphones also works very well.

If you are taking a safari break, do use mosquito repellents and sweat proof headband over your ears.There are a lot of smartphone apps that produce white noise that can drown out the cacophony of tropical insects. Carrying along a silk sleeping bag liner gives you the same comfort while taking up a lot less space. If you are taking a well-earned break from business with a Tadoba Tiger Safari, then you will be relieved to know that the accommodation at the national park is world class. Visit tigersheavenresort.co.in to know why the place is so favored by tourists.

Keeping Cool

Most business travelers originating from countries with a cool climate have a major problem with the heat and dust of tropical countries. It seems impossible to stop uncontrollable sweating even when you are in an air-conditioned space. This is perfectly normal because your body is trying very hard to adjust to the new environment. You need to keep yourself hydrated very well by consuming lots of water and fruit juices; alcohol consumption is not a good idea because it tends to dehydrate you further. Eat lightly, and make it a point to stay away from greasy and spicy foods, even if the locals seem to be thriving on it.

If you need to go outside during the daytime, be sure to be dressed in light tropical clothes in light hues. Heavy business suits are a complete no-no. Make it a point to have a hat or an umbrella to keep you sheltered from the bright sun; it can be very easy to get sunstroke. If the circumstances permit, drop the tie and opt for a cotton shirt or dress. Ask your local colleagues about what is acceptable, and stay well within the line as far as exposing the skin is concerned because many Asian and Far Eastern societies tend to be conservative. Using talcum powder after a shower is a good way of keeping sweat at bay.

Adjusting To the Local Food

If you are one of the travelers working for multinational businesses who don’t need to step out of five-star hotels and glitzy offices, then you could possibly be in a position to eat the sort of food that you are used at home. The majority of business travelers need to accommodate dining experiences that are outside their usual habits. It is good to be a little wary of street food, but if local colleagues recommend it, do sample the local cuisine. Beware of food that is very hot and spicy, and learn to tone it down with milk or yogurt. Opt for only bottled water as otherwise your tummy could take a complete toss.

Staying healthy can be a big challenge for travelers who spend a considerable time outside of home. Be sure to pack medicines to counter upset tummies, fever, cold, headache, and other such common ailments. Keep your digestive system cool by drinking loads of green coconut water as well as eat fruits like papaya and grapefruit. Carry enough wipes and tissue paper so that you can handle the local toilets without a hassle.

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