Ceiling Fans for All Year Round – A Great Addition to Your Home

It is now officially spring in the UK and the weather is starting to warm up nicely. Whilst the temperature at the moment is pleasant it won’t be too long before we start to feel that it is getting maybe a little bit too warm as we just aren’t used to high temperatures in this part of the world. So we’ll soon be heading up into our lofts or diving head first into our cupboards to retrieve our cooling fans.

These are something which most families across the UK own but know deep down that they often don’t make a huge difference, given that they in themselves can make such a noise that they disturb your sleep or simply fan warm air around the room.

Consider A Ceiling Fan

Instead of using a fan that takes up either floor or desk space why not consider a ceiling fan? They have several advantage over desk fans and once installed they can be used as and when the temperature requires it without having to unbox it and set it up every time…the perfect solution, surely?

A Fixture In American Homes & Offices

If you watch much American TV you will have noticed that ceiling fans are installed in most homes and offices but in the UK they are not quite as common other than in conservatories or hotels and restaurants. But that doesn’t have to be the case as they are readily available and can be an attractive and beneficial feature to any home.

One thing to remember is that whilst they act as cooling fans in the warm summer months they can help to distribute heat in the winter. By having the fan on whilst we are heating our homes the fan will blow warm air downwards therefore making the most of the available heat and not just leaving it at ceiling height.

The Longest Established UK Ceiling Fan Brand

One of the longest established makes in the UK is Fantasia. Fantasia fans have been available in the UK since 1985 and have earned a reputation for quality and value for money. If you’re looking to install ceiling fan at home, there’s no doubting that it’s got to be a Fantasia model and we’re confident you’ll experience absolutely no problems with them.

We found the great range of ceiling fans available from Edwardes Brothers when researching into current stockists and found that they carry a large range of fans in both traditional and contemporary designs in sizes from 36 inches upwards. They needn’t cost a lot either as a 36 inch Fantasia Capri is only £107.50 + VAT and comes with a 10 year guarantee. If you need something larger a 52 inch Fantasia Riviera is only £132 + VAT and is available in white or silver.

At this price, you simply cannot go wrong and we’re convinced that once you’ve tried one, you’ll wonder why you never made the decision and the purchase previously!

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