Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing – Can LEDs Mimic Sunlight?

Ever since urbanization has taken a toll, more and more growers are harvesting plants, crops, and herbs indoors. There are claims that indoor growing is superior to outdoor growing while others believe the opposite. What is the truth? Can grow lights mimic nature’s sunlight? Let’s find out!

We will consider the difference of indoor and outdoor growing through an example of the famous plant; cannabis sativa. There has been an age-old debate about which style of growing is better for cannabis. There have been opponents and proponents always for both types of growing; with very good arguments and strong opinions on both sides of the aisle.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

We will discuss different grow lights. And will put forward and conclude if the innovation of grow lights such as LEDs is bringing us natural and healthy plants/crops. Or staying outdoors for growing is better.

The Myth of Growing from Seeds vs. Clones

The internet is filled with blogs and articles which show numerous techniques of indoor growing. Clones are clippings from a mother plant that are replicas of original genetics, used to propagate the plant. The myth regarding clones for indoor growing is that plants grown indoors from clones have undesired variations from the mother plant.

Another myth is that there are variations in the plant if it is grown from a seedling in an indoor environment. Both of these myths are incorrect. Certainly variations happen naturally, regardless of indoor or outdoor environments. But positive strains are introduced from most of the clines used. Indoor growing or an outdoor harvest can both be from the mother seed and clone as well, what’s more important is how the plant is grown.

Indoor Cannabis is grown Hydroponically

Cannabis is grown indoors usually hydroponically or in soil, while an outdoor cannabis grow utilized soil as the grow medium. This alone cannot determine the quality of the plant as the outdoor grow doesn’t have to be organic. There are of course other important factors as type of fertilizers and other compounds used for growth.

The difference in cannabis grown in soil or hydroponically can matter. When one will have the belief that organically grown plants are is better than hydroponically grown plants. Even here, opinions vary, there are some who prefer the taste of organically grown cannabis while others say that hydroponically grown tastes better.

Organic, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Fungicides, Hydro

The same variation of opinions applies to the use of pesticides, fungicides, and other compounds used to grow plants. This is a fact that outside grown plants are more prone to higher risks of pests. And we can believe that the outdoor grown plants will need to be more chemically treated than the one grown indoors.

However, even this fact does not make the outside plant any better or worse than the indoor plant. As for even outside yield, some growers would rely on natural and organic ways to ward off pests while some would treat them with chemical pesticides. The main aspect of discussing these assumptions here is to break the myth that just the factor of indoor vs. outdoor makes a plant better or worse. There are many other variables; when taken into consideration have a greater effect on the plant than just the difference between indoor/outdoor growing. Chemical fertilizers, poor soil condition, pesticides may be the reason for bad taste or look of the plant, whether grown indoors or outdoors.

Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The conclusion here is that perceived variations of opinions are there not because the plant is grown indoors or outdoors but because of other factors involved in growing. Good or bad is subjective and assumptions are often myths. Indoor growing has become very popular and more likable due to personal awareness and urge of growing healthy plants/crops and herbs.

The innovation in light technology of grow lights such as LED grow lights is a great way of producing natural and healthy plants. LEDs are energy efficient and mimic the natural sunlight, providing plants with full spectrum of light. If you are anywhere close to starting your own indoor growing set up; do not hesitate in using G8LED grow lights to achieve quality plants with heavy yields; while being able to precisely control conditions such as temperature and plant height and density.

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