Interview Questions We Ask

Oftentimes when we meet with other companies, we are able to quickly identify individuals that do not fit the company culture and just have been hanging around the organization acting as an anchor to the progress of the team and/or company.

Finding the right people to work for your company can be a challenging task, so here are some key interview questions we at Rove Pest Control use to find great new technicians and team members.

Problem solving is an essential skill to have when you are working in a more independent position like a service tech. There isn’t always going to be someone there with you to tell you what to do, so finding someone who can handle themselves in different situations and find appropriate solutions as needed is key.

Here are a few questions we ask to find candidates with great problem solving skills.

“Give me an example of a problem you recently solved with a creative solution”

“Give me an example of a difficult customer you would encounter at your last job and how you would resolve the situation.”

“When were the busiest parts of the day or week at your last job and how did you have to adjust your efforts?”

“What was your most independent position you held?”


Another thing to look for in a great technician is that they pay attention to details and that they have the ability to find answers to questions they might get from clients and potential customers.

Here are a few of the questions we like to ask to find someone who can handle this part of the job.

“What were some important details you had to pay attention to at your last job?”

“What is the last thing you can remember researching to answer a question?”


Being a team player and working well in a rapidly changing environment is another skill we look for in a service technician. The answers to the questions below can give us a good indication of whether a candidate will be a good fit with the existing team and culture of our company.


“What type of coworker do you find it most difficult to have on your team?”

“Give me an example of a disagreement you had with a team leader or manager and how the issue was resolved.”

“What would your new coworkers learn from you if you were to receive a job offer to work with us?”

“Have you had to cover for a coworker that was late or absent often and how did that affect you?”

“What elements in a work environment make you feel like it is a good fit for you?”


It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to find and train people you hire as a technician, so making sure you have a good fit up front can help reduce turnover and find people who will be a good fit right away with your company and team.

These are just beginning questions, but specifics from a candidate’s background as well as responses to questions will open up other avenues for exploration and probing. The key is to help the candidate reach enough of a point of comfort so they will open up and talk freely while avoiding asking questions that violate human resources laws and guidelines. In addition, using personality profile exams will help identify areas that need additional attention either in the interview process or management style once an applicant is selected.

Your interviews or interview process may be a bit longer as you add in additional pieces and you might have to talk to more applicants to find the best fit, but it’s much better to find the right people up front, than having to deal with hiring the wrong person for the position. Using these interview questions can help you find more qualified service technicians for your business and save you some headaches from having to work with the wrong people.

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