Magical Mushrooms For De-Stressing The Mind

Mushrooms are magic, it is said!!!! Unlike the hallucinating agents, this particular mushroom, namely the Chaga mushroom, has major health benefits. The Chaga mushroom, is considered to be more of a parasite than a symbiont by some researchers, is found living in the birch trees of the North Hemisphere with comparatively colder climates. Chaga plays a mighty role in herbal medicine and folk remedies using it as an important ingredient have been coming along over the years. The powerful antioxidant content, mostly superoxide dismutase, is attributed to its usage in eliminating the harmful free radicals in the body, thus helping in cancer cure. Alongside Chaga is known to be a cure for chronic ailments and has also been regarded to have potential use in treating HIV.

Abate stress with Chaga

Adaptogens are plant derivatives that hold strong ground in herbal medicine. These extracts extend control over the adrenal system of the body and play a vital role in managing stress and anxiety. These help the body eliminate the effects produced by stress. Besides treatment ofailments, this fungus is adept at helping the body cope with stressful situations. De-stressing and relaxation can be achieved by many methods, including resorting to meditation or relying on allopathy or homeopathy. Many have documented the role played by Chaga as an adaptogen. The ability to lower stress levels and improve mental health is the genius in today’s world, as most people, even children and adolescents suffer from anxiety issues.

Mental well-being is given utmost importance in the health world, as it even affects physical work performance. A disturbed mind could be brooding secretly, and cause an individual to act irrationally or remain in the dumps for a long time. Anxiety attacks could precipitate due to situations, but genetic factors have also been given consideration.

Some tea anyone?

Chaga displays properties that alleviate stress, energize the body, and perk up the mood. The effects might not be instant, but regular usage produces a markedly considerable effect. A healthier option of consuming the mushroom is by brewing some tea out of it. Chaga tea is known to increase physical competency as well. A cup of a beverage containing Chaga produces ample strength for the day.

How to brew some Chaga tea

A few chunks of the Chaga mushroom in water, boiled over a few minutes, and sweetened using honey or any other sweetening agent, could produce a cup full of an anti-stress potion. The fungus lends an earthy taste to the tea. It is also believed that the kind of water used in brewing could affect the taste as well. The raw form of the mushroom has been replaced by tea bags by many outlets dealing in the mushroom. These could even be purchased online.

Besides the usage of a powerful adaptogen, its health benefits are many, including its role in fending off long-term ailments like hypertension or bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The mushroom also aids in digestion andis highly packed with antioxidants, and throws even pomegranates and blueberries out of competition, which are believed to be rich sources.

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