Morocco Luxury Tours For A Versatile Holiday

In case you’re looking for a great vacation that you will enjoy and have great styles, you should consider Morocco Luxury Tours. Comparing their prices for hotels and other tour features, you are likely to pay much less than in Spain, France and Europe for the same services.

Why Should You Choose Morocco Luxury Tours?

When making plans for a getaway to a panoramic and stately venue, with Morocco Luxury Tours in mind, you will have great pleasure. Morocco gets endowed with an excellent history that acts as a safe place to visit. Its rich history includes that of the Stone Age to the history in the 11th Century during the time when Almohad Dynasty was at the helm of power.

It controlled the broad area of Southern Spain and Portugal, the North-west part of Africa and the Mediterranean region. However, by 1550, the Arabic dynasties had succeeded in taking over Morocco though they didn’t last for long as by late 1600

Explore And Enjoy Your Vacation With The Colorful Southern Sahara

The most attractive view is the landscape of the colorful Southern Sahara. The view is one that will provide a lovely tour in Morocco for either a newly married couple who love adventures. For a couple celebrating their marriage and need a vacation, this is an ideal place to land.

In case you are on honeymoon, you will get three-day tour as you enjoy making more stops across the globe. For those who want to enjoy the adventure more in the Southern Sahara, you will get various packages. The packages come as four-day, five-day, and six-day package. One can also get a fifteen-day tour to have more fun. With these tours that take three to five days, you will use the same routes through the three hundred meter Gorges du Todra, The Dade Valley, and Merzouga to the Nomad Tents.

With the six-day tour, you will enjoy the Imperial Cities covering the North-east region of Morocco beginning from Marrakech. On the first day of your tour, you visit the Ouzoud Waterfalls as you enjoy a ride along the Atlas Mountains. You then spend the night and also you second day at the Imperial city of Beni Mellal. On the third day, you start from the town of Fez and end your tour in Rabat, which is Morocco’s capital city.

From here, you start going towards the coast. When you drive to the west, you will drive along the Atlantic Coast and your sixth day will find you making a stop in Casablanca and then start your journey back to Marrakech. Being the last day of the tour, you can do a few shopping around since it is a free day.

Morocco Luxury Tours include being picked up and dropped off at the international airport. The driver also acts as the tour guide, and you won’t have to make the payment as his fee gets included. The cars used are brand new, 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers. A request for departure and dropping at other places can get granted with the proper arrangement.

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