Pain Management Anyone?

For those who know pain, it is something they will not wish on anyone not even on their enemies. It is terrible consciousness that encroaches down on a victim’s nature and frame of mind. Pain is so clear that its unrelenting presence can send an individual to the hospital’s receiving room for immediate relief. Once pain sets in, relief becomes a purpose no matter how far-fetched it may seem and pain management is the only recourse without question, without doubt.

The demand for pain management has produced a specialized study in medicine termed Algiatry. Algiatry investigates all the causes of the patient’s problem and collates all the psychologist, doctors, therapist and others to make a solution to the pain that the patient is undergoing..Its aim is to alleviate the feelings of those who are in deep and recurring pain that is caused by illness that are at end or cureless. While is may be the acceptable approach to solve the cause of the pain, sometimes it is not doable, so that pain management is now being relied upon to alleviate the predicament of the patient and that of their families who likewise undergo the same situations every day of their lives.

From the medical standpoint, it may be quoted that the status of pain indicates the class of attention and solution it would necessitate. Pain management may start from basic medical prescription of analgesics like paracetamol, mefenamic acid or ibuprofen to the prescription of morphine which is a highly addictive item. It may come to a point of availing the group services of a pain management team that involve the participation of skilled doctors with various exposures or the availment of alternative medicines to control pain.

Alternative medicines have done great wonders in pain management just like in acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, relaxation techniques as applied in Reiki and Yoga, massage and the aid of herbal medications. Experimentation of solutions has been extended beyond medical and scientific method and even traditional and conventional has been used. For those in pain, even alternative methods and use of experimental treatments are regarded with high hopes just to stop pain. Can we blame them? Can we bar them from anticipating? What is to stop man from trying to minimize if not totally eradicate pain? Everything that contributes anticipation of cure is most desired.

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