Do You Really Need To Change Your Car Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid is the hydraulic liquid that transmits power in the power steering. This liquid can be pressured by the pump and pushed on either side of a mounted piston unto the rack, which helps you rotate the wheels easily. The fluid is basically the cheapest component of the power-steering system, and changing will only help prolong the life and save you from more expensive fault repairs. But also in replenishing it often there might be no need for flushing.

Draining and refilling should be a part of a planned maintenance interval. One thing the auto manufacturers do not agree on is on how frequent the fluid should be flushed. Some say it should be done at least in every two years, while some others recommend it be changed at every 75,000 – 100,000 miles.

Car Power Steering Fluid

Why Should You Change Your Power Steering Fluid

This fluid steers your car safely out of trouble. You could call the power fluid the lifeline of your steering system. Over a certain period of time, various power-steering components as well as the seals and O-rings after being subjected to wear and tear eventually wears out. And when this happens the steering fluid will contaminate with broken down debris and force the power-steering pump to work harder than it should.

The power steering pump will have to pump debris instead of fluid which will undoubtedly cause a break down. You are left poorer by paying extra to get the damage fixed. The power-steering fluid usually appears either amber (on most vehicles) or red/pink in color. If it retains its original color it is good. Otherwise, serious problems are indicated only when the color appears significantly darker than the original color as when it was new. Then this means it’s time to change your Fluid.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your Power Steering Fluid?

  • l Abnormal whining noise whenever you try to turn the wheel. You need to get your steering-system checked thoroughly. This could be a signal before you experience P steering pump failure.
  • l Leakage. Do not take this lightly, you need to check the level. Immediately check your power-steering fluid level immediately. And Top it off if necessary, but do not end up ignoring this. If you continue to make it run without fluid, your power steering fluid pump might wreck.
  • l Change it just as often as you change your engine coolant.
  • l You have to see the deterioration that has occurred to your power steering fluid and change that much fluid that was deteriorated. It is really unnecessary to change all the fluid to ensure condition.

Your power steering fluid reservoir is always in constant use. Even when the engine is turned off. But the main purpose here is to store the fluid used by the system, and provide a place for the pump to draw fluid from and for the fluid to return to, the moment it has been sent through the lines and rack. It is subjected to a lot of heat, although it is not mechanical which will eventually cause the reservoir wear off and hence the need to be replaced. With this information, there is no exact lifespan for your fluid reservoir.

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