Strategic Pricing and Customer-Friendly Warranties Make Saatva Mattresses Preferable

How significant are pricing and warranties when a product is bought? More importantly if the product is related to offering health benefits? The same is applicable when it comes to buying a sleeping mattress that offers comfort, support to the spine and ensures a good sleep after a tiring day.

The luxurious mattresses from Saatva is affordable and comparatively less priced than the ones that are available in the stores. The policy of serving the customers and selling them mattresses via online portal has played a big role in doing away from a variety of costs such as rent of the store, payment of utilities, inventory inefficiency and commissions to be paid.

The medium of retailing the extremely comfortable mattresses through online store is probably the masterstroke as a business entity. The decision of serving the customers and helping them in their decision making process of buying a comfortable and clinically approved mattress through their e-commerce website has been increasingly proving to be a successful business model. This is also a key differentiator from its competitors who sell the products from the brick and mortar stores.

The competitive pricing strategy has worked in favor of Saatva mattress. A closer look at the other prominent brands will reveal that mattresses are priced according to the one size that fits all. Hwoever, in case of Saatva mattresses, the prices vary according to the different sizes of the mattresses. The price range increases with the increase in size of the mattresses. One of the biggest features of Saatva mattresses is their levels of firmness which also plays a significant role in deciding which mattress to buy. The prices for the mattresses with 3 levels of firmness are available at same prices.

Usually, people keep the budget for a mattress of standard size is no less between $2000-$3000. However, Saatva has challenged this budgeting of mattress pricing and has priced the products effectively not implying the charges for physical store charges, industry inefficiency and lastly the brand profit earned. Eliminating these from the list has lowered down the prices of the mattresses considerably. As a customer, you also get to not pay the sales tax with Saatva, which again reduces the price by another $50-$150 on the basis of the current sales tax rate as well as the mattress size.

Retailing through online store also brings about the factor that the products needs to be shipped to the destination carefully. Since these are not products that can be packed in a safety box, these are packed and delivered via the standard delivery process. The delivery charges are as per the standard shipping charges followed by US. The customers can enjoy the convenience of getting the Saatva mattress delivered at their doorstep.

Since mattresses are products that are counted as small-time investments, the warranty for the products also maatters a lot. Warranties are a method of ensuring that the products are of premium quality and that the manufacturers are there to serve them if there is any problem with the product. Saatva is known to provide an in-home trial period of 75 days. In case of warranties, the first couple of years guarantee complete replacement of the products if any manufacturing defects are noticed and from the next year onwards, the service will include complete repairing if any defects are found.

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