10 Stress-Relieving Foods: Beat the Stress

Stress is increasing day-by-day in our lives. From young to elders; no one is left untouched from the menace of stress. Some experience occasional bouts while others are drenched in daily stress. In either case, people seek relief. There are moments when people are on the lookout for an instant solution to the undulating stress.

For immediate relief, going the natural way rather than consuming pills seems to be a much better idea. Your kitchen, refrigerator, garden are all wonderful sources of stress-relieving ingredients. Today, we are going to unravel the foods that you can eat to calm the jitters.

1. Herbal Tea

Chamomile is a fragrant and medicinal herb. The pleasant aroma of the Chamomile tea is known to calm stressed nerves. The tea and its extracts are potent in inducing restful sleep and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. A cup of hot chamomile tea a day can keep stress at bay. If you love nature, grow your chamomile and have a stress-free life. Store-bought chamomile tea would also work.

2. Nuts

Winters may have gone, but snacking on nuts is still a healthy idea. Nuts are packed with Vitamin B that replenishes the neurotransmitter and help you tackle the fight-or-flight stress response much better. The potassium found in nuts also keeps the nerves and cells in a happy place. Pistachios are loaded with potassium that keeps high blood pressure in check and protects your heart from stress.

3. Add in Oranges and Red Pepper

Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C. Summers are all about yellows and oranges, add at least one orange to your daily diet. The fiber content is excellent for the body and Vitamin C helps with lowering cortisol levels in the brain. Red Peppers have double the amount of Vitamin C than Oranges. Enjoy good food and a good mood with red peppers in your food. You can add red peppers to your chicken sausages and other vegetables.

4. Whole Wheat Pretzels

Pretzel is a type of baked pastry having a crackle-like flavour. Pretzel is eaten as a snack with dips and sauces like hummus, mustard dip, and guacamole. Eat whole-wheat pretzels as they are more nutritious and will make you feel fuller. The carbohydrates found in pretzel will give you energy and trigger the brain to release serotonin.

5. Carrots

You may find it amusing but carrots are a portion of good stress-relieving food. All crunchy veggies help with stress. Nutrient-rich carrots, celery, and other vegetables with crispiness will keep both your body and mind healthy without bogging you with calories.

6. Yogurt

When you are feeling stressed, what’s one food that comes to your mind? You may crave an ice-cream and think its coolness will make you feel relaxed. Don’t know about ice-creams, but yogurt will surely help you. Enjoy cold yogurt parfait to beat the blues. One of the easiest ways to control stress.

7. Dark Chocolate

Not everyone likes dark chocolate. But for the sake of your health; you should eat a slice or a bark of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains sugar and antioxidants that augment the release of mood-improving serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. If not chocolate, a dark chocolate cake like a truffle cake is a good alternative. Truffle cake or dark chocolate cake can be relished easily by you within your comforts by going for online cake delivery in Nagpur

8. Spinach

This green-leafy veggie is power-packed with stress-busting magnesium. Magnesium assists in lower cortisol levels and blood pressure levels. Magnesium gets flushed out when you are stressed. So, you must have lots and lots of magnesium in your diet. You can eat spinach as a cooked vegetable or raw in salads. Beans and brown rice are also good sources of magnesium.

9. Parsley

It is a nutritious herb with antioxidants, flavonoids– compounds that protect the body against oxidative stress, unstable molecules known as free radicals. Oxidative stress can result in many mental disorders as well. You can garnish your dishes with parsley, eat parsley-pesto pasta, add it to your salads.

10. Fatty Fish

A food for non-vegetarians to eat when stressed. Omega-3 fatty acids found in Salmon and Tuna fish can help tame stress and provide a shield against depression and heart diseases.

Beat the stress the right way with these natural ingredients.

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