Tips For Kitchen and Flooring Remodeling

It can be an exciting time when it comes to decorating the home, either starting with one or more rooms at once. Even though you have the bigger picture in your mind, it can be extremely beneficial to think about any issues that you may come across along your journey.

Even if you do not think anything will go wrong or any glitches may occur, it is always best to at least brainstorm anything that might be an issue along the way. If you do come across problems or feel you need some help, there are a lot of home services companies and general contractors out there that can help you.

For this article, I will focus on the kitchen and flooring. Here are a range of occurrences that can become an issue when redecorating your kitchen from the obvious to the a little bit more random which you may or may not come across, that come from actual experiences.

Kitchen Decorating Tips

Many people start their redecorating with the front room, but depending on your home it could be more beneficial to work on the kitchen beforehand. One reason being the amount of dust, dirt, old flooring and general rubbish that you may need to bring through the front room and out the front door.

Even if you have a back gate, it can be easier for workmen or yourself to trudge through the front room instead of round the back. This is far from idea if you have just laid new carpet, purchase a new range of furniture or the possibility of catching any wood, nails or other objects on your new sofa and chairs.

When it comes to the kitchen, there are a few tips that we would like to pass on from our experiences.

Laminated Flooring

At first, the kitchen in our home had laminated flooring which was great, until the ceiling flooded from the bathroom above. This became our first reason to look into redecorating the kitchen as the laminated flooring began to warp itself which then began to look horrid and produce gaps between the wood.

When removing laminate flooring, the actual removal is very easy as the wood just slot together, what you should be prepared for is the state of the underlay that can exist under the laminate. If like us, you have had a leak, then the underlay could have easily become waterlogged, dries out and then sticks to the actual floor with quite an effort to remove.

Therefore, before you lay your new flooring this will need to come up so best to remove before the company coming to lay your new flooring arrives. If you are doing it yourself, then it will certainly provide some good exercise to remove any that has stuck to the floor.

Vinyl as alternative flooring

A popular type of kitchen flooring these days is vinyl. This is not the cheap plastic variety you would of found in the 80’s and 90’s but a high quality material that is warm to the touch, so also great for walking on bare foot.

Our top tip is to make sure you do not drag furniture across it without due care. For heavy furniture and appliances, sliding the item is something to think about. One way to do this is to lean the appliance, let’s say the fridge for example. Then place a large thick towel underneath, leaning the fridge in the other direction and placing under the other half as well. You can then careful drag the fridge in the direction you wish, with less likelihood of tearing your new vinyl.

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