Tips on Safe Hot Tub Use At Home

If you’re a beginner when it comes to hot tubs, you’ll want to make sure you use it safely and to maintain high levels of hygiene at all times. Like anything new, it will take a while before you feel confident about these things but once you’ve had it for a while it will become second nature to you.

It’s vitally important to keep the water clean and free from bacteria and germs, and one of the easiest ways of judging the condition of the water is to use your eyes and nose.

Does the water smell strange or peculiar in any way? Does the water look foamy or discoloured? If so it’s probably a good time to change the water. Likewise, if the hot tub has been standing unused for a while it can be a good time reason to drain the water and give the tub a good clean before filling it with fresh water. In order to take a look at safe hot tub use and a look at best practices, we teamed up with Chelmsford based Aqua Warehouse.

You’ll Need to Test the Water on a Regular Basis

Of course neither of these methods is very scientific as clean looking water doesn’t always mean clean healthy water, so to really test the water you need to check the PH levels on a regular basis. This can be easily done by simply dipping a test strip into the water and comparing the result to the chart supplied with the test kit.

Use a Sanitiser to Kill Bacteria

Make sure you also use a sanitiser to kill any bacteria that can grow in warm water as high levels can cause health problems. It’s important that you get into a routine and ensure you carry out the sanitisation process on a regular basis, that way, you can ensure that the water is clean and hygienic at all times and that you’re not risking infection from the water.

Keeping the Filter Clean

The hot tub filter also needs to be kept clean and free from bacteria by using a good specialised filter cleaner every few weeks. This will also help to extend the life of the filter. Again, this is something you need to check and clean on a regular basis as maintenance is always a far better option than replacing due to poor care.

Keeping the Water Line Free From Oil & Grease

A build up of oil and grease can lead to a scum line around the water line, so to avoid this make sure you change the water regularly and have proper sanitation. Any scum marks that you do find can be removed with a multi-purpose spa cleaner to get your tub back to its original condition.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you take care to keep your hot tub clean and hygienic and that you ensure you get into a regular maintenance routine to ensure it’s safe to use!

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