6 Stylish Tips for Big Men: A Guide to Looking Sharp

Are you sick of shopping in mainstream fashion outlets and finding that you’re maxing out their sizing options and still not quite comfortable? Or wearing brands with sizes that go high enough, but designs that aren’t made with your body in mind? You’re not alone. And several savvy brands have now started making clothes that specialise in fitting bigger men well. I mean really well, better in some cases than designer brands, because they have focused on large men during the design process.

These brands know where to make the extra length and where to move around seams and pleats, so that you’re not just buying an upsized version of something designed for someone else, you’re buying something tailored for you.

So what differences are there in styles made especially for plus size gents?

For large men, quality of fabric is more important. If you’ve got washboard abs, I guess it doesn’t matter so much if your t-shirts are wafer-thin and essentially transparent. Quality clothes made for big and tall men should feature thicker, stronger fabric that can hold its own shape, and not get stretched out when it’s being thrown on and pulled off.

For extra tall men, shirts are specially designed to fall below their waist properly, and sleeves are made to be a few inches longer relative to the width of the shirt. A purpose-built dress shirt like this will look great even on men well over six feet tall. For men packing extra breadth, you want the opposite – more inches across your back and front so that your cuffs sit right on your wrists without your shirt being stretched at the shoulders. This isn’t hard to achieve when shirts are designed with your measurements in mind.

Even if you’re both bigger and taller than average men, it’s not just a simple case of increasing all dimensions. The knee in pants tends to go a bit lower, for example. Many cheaper brands can even make the general width of a shirt bigger without making sure there’s extra room in the collar – little touches like that are the sort of thing that add up, creating vague dissatisfaction and annoyance with your wardrobe.

Finally, when you’re buying online, be aware of the retailer’s origins and the demographic of their main market. There can be a big difference between the length of ‘medium’ length jeans between Denmark and Italy, for example. There’s no such thing as a universal ‘perfect fit’, so be wary of anyone advertising something as L or XL etc. but without any actual measurements. Any brick and mortar store or website that’s based where you are is likely to be slightly more aware of the needs of their market.

By looking out for brands and retailers that cater to you specifically, you know that the items you choose are designed to look good not just in general but on you. These brands have put in the effort during the design process, and they know their fabrics can keep up with you- day after day and week after week.

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